Friday, May 2, 2014

Sooooooo..... What's happening today!

My Husband John and I have been married to each other for over 50 years now.  So, does that mean that we look alike or think alike or know what the other is thinking?  NO!  Now, wouldn't that get boring.  It would be like being married to yourself, boring and no fun.  I love waking up next to my Husband.  We have evolved from the 18 and 19 year old kids of 1963, thank goodness!  We have raised our family, watched them raising their families and now our grandkids are becoming adults and finding their ways.  It hasn't all been fun and sometimes it was far from easy but we've done it and now we are retired and learning to live with each other - again.  Every evening we fix the coffee pot for morning.  We don't use a timer on the coffee maker because we might wake up at 4am or 8am.  We don't set an alarm unless we are heading out on an adventure at an early hour.  I usually wake up first, as nature says "wake up and turn on the coffee maker".  John almost always gets up and gets us our  first cups of coffee and brings them back to bed.  We watch the news and weather report on TV, usually have that second cup as we plan our day.  One of our key words that starts our day is, Sooooooo...  This means So, what's going on today.  So, what do you want to do today.  So, what sounds good to you for dinner.  That's our easy and simple way to begin the day.  We always talk, smile and laugh during this time of the day.  I love it!  Then, it's get up and get started on a new day.  Am I an expert on relationships? NO!  However, I know what has worked for us and I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.  First I want to share two photos with you.

This is us in November 1963,  at our wedding reception.

This is us, taken  in September 2013.

See what 50 years can do to you!


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and write up. It has been nice knowing you then and now. Wishing you many, many, more eventful years together.
Connie P

John K. said...

So, now you know why I love this woman so much!

Pat Lutzow said...

Thank you Connie. It has been my pleasure to have you in and around my life all these years. John K. what can I say. I fell head over heels in love when I was 15. You really are the love of my life.