Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Regular Day In The Life of Grammy...

Soooo, yesterday we decided that ribs would be good, soon.  We went to our favorite little Thai place for dinner last night and had some really good Mango Curry with Shrimp.  But, tonight it's ribs for us.  We took the ribs out of the freezer last night.  Oh dear, no rub!  Well, guess what I did this morning!  Yep, I whipped up a big batch of our Secret Rub!  We really like this stuff and we use it like salt and pepper on everything.  Well, maybe not on our cookies etc but nearly everything.  Check out the recipe for this rub, it's listed under Rubs & Condiments.  Last night on our way home from dinner, we stopped at our Costco and bought a big bag of red potatoes so I am making my potato salad, using red potatoes and I think I will put in some of the dill that is growing in a pot on my patio. My mouth is watering!  I sure hope you are having a nice day.  It's a beautiful, breezy 73˚ here in Redding, Ca.   Most of you know that I like my fresh herbs and I plant them in pots where they live happily on my patio, in the shade, here in sunny California.

This is the lovely fresh Dill that I will use in my potato salad !

The top pot is fresh Mint, middle pot is Dill (who loves my pansies almost as much as the aphids do and the bottom pot is my favorite Thyme.  

This is a big pot of flat leaf Parsley, Chives, Tarragon and Rosemary.  All looked after by Mr. Ladybug.

This, my friends, is just one of many of my Basil plants.  I just love fresh Basil!


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures of your herbs. Your potato salad sounds yummy...I have never used dill in potato salad. After this, I will be trying it. Thank you.
Connie P

Pat Lutzow said...

You are welcome Connie P. I use different herbs at different times. It all depends on what I have that is fresh.