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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Deschutes Brewery & Public House - Bend, Oregon

The original entrance!

 Deschutes Brewery & Public House

The beautiful and open kitchen!

Bend, Oregon is one our favorite towns to visit.  We have been going there for many years for one of our little getaways.  We actually stay in Sunriver - a very nice resort area about 14 miles south of Bend.  We naturally gravitated to the Deschutes Brewery because of Hubby John's appreciation of good ales.  His favorites have always been the Obsidian Stout and the Black Butte Porter.  I am not really a beer drinker so it works out just fine for us.  He enjoys his ale and I drive us home.  What I am attracted to at the Deschutes Brewery & Public House is the food and the comfortable friendliness. (check out this link to read their blog, which even includes some great recipes that they are willing to share)   I usually order from their specialty menu of the day but my dependable favorite is their French Onion Soup.  It is a yummy comfort food that I adore.  On our last visit John and I both had the French Onion Soup and we shared their specialty of the day - fish tacos.  We really enjoyed both.  Those of you that read my blog have seen that we both really like fish tacos.  

Anyway, back to business, and I want to say now that this blog is strictly my opinion and there is no money changing hands except for when we paid our tab. 

As usual, our visit to the Brewery was great.  I mentioned to our waitress, Kate, that I have this little blog and that I would like to mention them on it.  Well, she told the owner and founder Gary Fish (who just happened to be there having his lunch too) and he very graciously came to our table and talked with us.  I really was very impressed that he took the time to visit with us - what a nice man.  We also met the general manager, Tim Casinelli, and he was also very friendly and interesting.  We have always enjoyed the Deschutes Brewery and Public House and we will always stop in when we are in the Bend area.  It has been fun to see them grow and thrive in one of our favorite towns.  If you happen to be in their area we strongly suggest you stop in and enjoy the friendly family atmosphere and their great drink and food. Oh, say hello for me...  Grammy

French Onion Soup and Obsidian Stout

Special of the day: Fish Tacos

Meeting Gary Fish - owner and founder 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grammy and Grandpa's Travels and Good Eats

I have been thinking about adding a section to my blog for traveling about and eating at some of the really good places we have found along the way.  We love to do road trips but occasionally we actually get on a plane.  Note:  Hawaii is hard to drive to.  This past year has been what we call our "50th Year".  This simply means that in November we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary so we  dedicated  the year to getting out and traveling around and, of course, eating out.  I wish I had thought of this idea sooner because we have seen and done some really neat things this year and we ate at some really good places.  So, I am going to start collecting what I need and posting some of our finds for anyone else that is wanting to visit some of our favorite places and eat at some of what we consider favorite places.  I do want to let you know that we live in the northern end of the state of California. We are located within just a few hours of some really amazing places.   In fact, we live in a beautiful area near Mt. Shasta and I hope to put some of our local favorites on here too.  As usual, I will also continue to share my favorite old and new recipes with you.  I hope you enjoy this new twist to Grammy's Kitchen.    When my hubby John and I are not in the kitchen we are probably gone or planning our next trip to somewhere.