Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Simple Appetizers for a gathering of friends.....

We had a beautiful gathering of friends here in our home for our annual Christmas Open House.  John and I worked really hard to clean and  decorate every room in our home. Then, we made 'substantial' appetizers (meaning guests wouldn't have to worry about being hungry for a while) for 35 of our neighbors and good friends. We love doing this but I have been thinking that most people don't have the time and confidence that we do.  I want to share some of the more simple things we had at our party.  They are always big hits and easy enough for anyone to fix.  I hope this will help give you the confidence to enjoy a gathering of your own.

A simple plate of veggies is easy and always quick to fix.  I didn't have a dip with this one but you could put something as easy as Ranch Dressing in a small bowl, add a little dried dill to it and your ready for guests.  Just be sure your plate and veggies are refrigerator cold. 

These two are good sliced ham and turkey from the deli.  I cut the large slices in half and then rolled them and secured them with decorated toothpicks.  They are easy to pick up and nibble on.  Always a big hit for those meat eaters out there.
You can add small bowls of pretzels, nuts or chips and you are all set.  Keep it simple and enjoy your time with friends and family.  Have a very Happy New Year!

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