Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heart to Heart

This is our youngest son Joel, his wife Yoko, our grandson Alek, and me.  My husband John is taking the photo.  The adults are eating lobster to celebrate Yoko's birthday and Alek is having a hamburger (his preference) with his twice baked potato.  Someday he will want lobster too!

I was talking with a friend today, about my blog.  She asked me if I was posting 'fancy schmancy' recipes.  I said 'no, just plain and easy food'.  I don't think food has to be fancy all the time but I do say that it should always look good.  I like to use things that are already in my pantry, rather than constantly running to the store to pick up something that I may never use again.  I have favorite foods and ingredients.  I like cilantro and spice, I don't like things too salty and too much sweetness makes my jaws ache.  I don't have a problem with using mixes, as long as they are good.  Who doesn't like a shortcut?

If I was going to give somebody tips on cooking, I would say that you should always remember that recipes are meant to be guides.  If a recipe calls for celery (for instance) and you don't like celery, just leave it out.  If a recipe calls for walnuts and you like pecans - use them.  Baking is a little trickier.  There is a balance that you don't want to upset there.  Cook with your common sense, your heart and your tastebuds.  Smile when things turn out good and just make notes and learn a lesson if it doesn't.  I have had my failures, my 'I'll never cook that agains' and 'yikes, what happened here flops'.  I have made so many mistakes that I can't even  begin to list them here.  Remember, I have been cooking for a really long time.   I hope you will come back and spend some Thyme In Grammy's Kitchen and we will talk......


Anonymous said...

I do really like your suggestions, thoughts and approach to life and cooking. Great job. Thank you. Connie P

Pat Lutzow said...

Thanks for the comment Connie P. You inspire me to go on.